Organic fusion… Danceable jazz… Musu creates a sound where description is always on the tip of the tongue. One moment the listener might hear something along the lines of Fela Kuti meets Jeff Beck, then Weather Report meets Led Zeppelin with a dash of The Meters. And yet it’s a sound that is all its own.

Musu is a Portland, OR area band offering up an original blend of funk, jazz, and psychedelic rock grooves ready for the dance floor.

Forged in 2015, Musu is a collaborative effort by Portland music community powerhouses bringing in a diverse mix of influences. Musu’s members also play in a plethora of current Portland bands, including Innersphere, The Shrike, Wallace, True North, Vinyl Gold, and Life’s Been Good.

The Band

  • Billy Carnese – Guitar & Vocals
  • Dan Nelson – Tenor Saxophone
  • Steve Morgan – Electric Bass
  • Charles Neal – Drums
  • Andrew Deetz – Keyboards